programming code for parking detect with magnetic sensor DC-SS503

I need help for sensor programming code. I want to detect when a car take a parking place!

Here is the link for manual of dual-axis magnetic sensor

This is my first project with arduino and i am not able to do this on my own.

The only that i have is this code for begin and i dont know if it is correct.


// step 2: wait for readings to happen
delay(30); // datasheet suggests at least 6 milliseconds

// step 3: request reading from sensor
Wire.requestFrom(0x60>>1, 5); // request 5 bytes from slave

This is my first project with arduino and i am not able to do this on my own.

This does not strike me as a suitable first Arduino project, so I'm not surprised if you're finding it difficult.

If you want somebody to assist you I suggest you post a request for help under Gigs and Collaborations.

If you plan to continue on your own, I suggest you start by getting some experience with much simpler sketches under your belt first. Have you run any of the examples? Have you modified them and got them to do what you want? Have you found any examples of reading from the sort of device you've got, or any similar devices? If not, where have you looked?

yes i have already made some of the examples given, i have also modified them and run them to check whats going on but still i havent found something similar to what i want.. that is the parking detector..!
the only thing i have is the manual of the magnetic sensor..