Project 14 "Tweak the logo": error code in Processing

Hi, I’ve checked my code and it’s correct according to the book. I can see the logo but I get an error code rather than a list of serial ports.

The line that chucks up the error is :


The problem is :

Type String of the last argument to method println(Object…) doesn’t exactly match the vararag parameter type. Cast to Object to confirm the non-varargs invocation, or pass individual arguments of type Object for a varargs invocation.

This means nothing to me (don’t speak Klingon yet). Can somebody please help?


I got the same error message in Mac OS X, but it ran right through it and I got the list. However, there were no numbers. So I counted from 0 to dev/tty and put that number HERE.

myPort=new Serial(this, Serial.list()[HERE],9600);