Project 8 lighting sequence revered

so i changes a few numbers and a few signs and i have the light going in reverse to the program in the book but the light are dim and the tilt switch has no effect now.

const int switchPin = 8; unsigned long previousTime = 0; int switchState = 0; int previousSwitchState = 0; int led = 7; long interval = 500; void setup() { for(int x = 7;x>8;x--){ pinMode(x, OUTPUT); } pinMode(switchPin, INPUT); } void loop() { unsigned long currentTime = millis(); if(currentTime - previousTime > interval) { previousTime = currentTime; digitalWrite(led, HIGH); led--; if(led == 2) { } } switchState = digitalRead(switchPin); if(switchState != previousSwitchState){ for(int x = 2; x>8;x--){ digitalWrite(x, LOW); } led = 7; previousTime = currentTime; } (previousSwitchState = switchState); }

do you think this will do anything?   for(int x = 7;x>8;x--){ or that one    for(int x = 2; x>8;x--){

what is this for?

    if(led == 2) {

and what prevents led from becoming negative? do you have a -33 pin number on your arduino?

so i changes a few numbers and a few signs

well in doing random changes you got crappy code... sorry.. you'll have to fix that...

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