Project works in UNO, but dont work in MEGA

Hello, My name is Javier and I am an Arduino programmed beginner.
I have a program, which works perfectly in Arduino uno and Nano, but does not work in Arduino Mega. I understand that they have different processors and different pins. This programming got to dump it to arduino Mega, but it does not respond to any of the programming.

About programming: It is a projector of a musical synthesizer, which has inputs (buttons) (musical notes), up button and down button (to change the sounds), lcd screen to see the name of the selected sound, and audio output .

Would someone tell me that I have to change to make it work in mega? I am desperate and my programming knowledge is basic :frowning:

Post your sketch well formated and in code tags "</>" to be found in this editor.


just two guesses:

  • SPI is on different pins,
  • I2C is on different pins

If you are desperate ...

  • a sketch upload
  • a schematic
  • real life pictures of your setup

might make it possible for others to help you.


Hello, I have attached the programming, would someone know how to make it work in MEGA? What section should I change? Sorry for my little knowledge. Thanks


The port mapping is different on the Mega

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Thanks for your answers, regarding the different pins, I already have it clearer. Now my question is, regarding timers, is there a difference between arduino uno and mega? I have the buttons for the musical notes, I have the up and down buttons to select sounds, I have the lcd, but I i haven't audio output. Thanks

Yes, many more timers on the Mega. And the timer outputs do not connect to the same pins.

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ALL OK ,pins problems ! thank you very much :grin:

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