PS2 light gun P99L (powerbank 5v to 7.4v for a DC motor)

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

The gun is brought to me tomorrow, and I wanted to know how I can get the gun's DC motor to recoil (I saw 7.4V on the web but they didn't say anything about current) through a PWM analog pin from the NodeMCU Esp -32s.

I want to power the esp32 with a 5V 2A powerbank that has 2 USB slots and I think I could power said motor with the other slot as well, but my big question is how to get it to 7.4V ...

I am quite new and I need your help guys please, I tell you the materials that I currently have apart from the esp32 and the powerbank:

Return diodes,
Tcr5000 (lm393 and potenciometer built-in)
And all kinds of resistors and capacitors.

If someone could tell me how to step up thei 5v comming from the power bank to 7.4v would be of great help! Finally I will put a couple of buttons, a mpu9250 to move the cursor via BT connected to pc, but I'll see that later haha

Thanks in advance to everyone! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Search for circuit diagrams in the web. If you need more assistance, go to the Gigs and Collaborations forum section.

Hello Buddy, i tried but i really dont understand how to put the motor running properly :frowning:

What's "properly"? Fwd only or also back?

I mean make the motor works at 7.4v with a 5V 2A powerbank,

The recoil is backward only and looks like this:

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