Pulley profile, belt profile

So i’ve managed to get a stepper motor out of an old printer, it’s a EM-257, and a timing belt. I want to use it in a project, the problem is that i’ve searched what model of pulley is that, and i am not sure if is it a T5, a T2.5, a XL or what ever. What i need is the profile and the dimension of the theet in order to print/CNC a bigger custom pulley for that belt. I will try to add some photos. Any help is welcomed. image.jpg

Belt pic

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Managed to edit the post and post the pics.

Unless you place a ruler alongside the belt photo, there’s no way of measuring the tooth pitch!

It’s not the pitch that i need (i know to measure it), it’s more the shape of the tooth. As in trapezoidal, rounded or other form of timing belt theet.

In the end, i think i will buy a set of 2 pulleys and a belt that will fit in the assembly, quite cheap, but hard to find in my area.

Altough, It will be nice to have an idea how to identify the salvaged belts and pulleys in the future.

If you can measure the pitch, why keep it a secret?

Well doeas that help me in any way?

If you want good answers, provide all the information. For instance if the pitch is 2.032mm I could have answered immediately.

Well doeas that help me in any way?

How does it hurt you in any way to provide? Someone trying to help you requested information. Do you want help? Why waste time with this response when you can just answer the question? Do you really even want anyone to help?