PuTTY cursor control problem

I have been using PuTTY as the serial monitor for all of my Arduino coding. Recently I tried to use the cursor off escape sequence, '\033[0m'. It does not turn off my block green cursor.

Esc[0m - Turn off character attributes. It has nothing with the cursor but with the type of characters (bold, underline...).

I do not know how to hide the cursor.

Thanks for the reply, Budvar10. You are absolutely right. I found the ANSI Escape sequences file and it confirms your answer. I am trying to debug some code that displays some values at a certain cursor location. The high rep rate of updating values causes the cursor to jump around annoyingly. I was hoping I could turn off cursor like one can on an LCD. After 50 years of writing code, I find it hard to believe that I can't hide the cursor on a terminal emulator. I may try moving the cursor to an innocuous location after each update. It would be better than clouding my displayed values.

Thanks, Reg Mason

Hmm.. I have no such experience. I developed some kind of simple CLI. For an example, there is a feature for repeating/recall commands so I have to print command (longer string for testing) and move the cursor to the EOL. Absolutely nice at 9600. Additionally, I have "simulation" under XP and also same result. It is not Arduino dependent. PuTTY is on the other end of line but same result is with different terminal, e.g. Reflection. Maybe it has something with your programming approach.