Quadcopter control software

I am trying to design a quad copter from scratch for a competition. What needs to happen is that after ejecting our copter from a rocket in a 6in diameter 15in long tube, is that it needs to guide itself to fall in a landing zone. It will be falling from 4000-3000ft when it ejects from a rocket.

Our steps goes along something like this:

  1. After ejecting from a rocket, a parachute will come out to slow our decent rate (our CG will be down low so it will be facing downwards)
  2. Arms will deploy, and do a system check, and if everything goes right, the parachute will be released and the quadcopter’s propellers will start running.
  3. Here, the quadcopter will guide itself to the LZ.

Our current bill of materials
Primarily, we are concerned about the electronics/firmware used. We were going to use an Arduino with ArduPilot but it seems that it doesn’t run with an Arduino. What quadcopter control software could we use with an Arduino that would do what we want but relatively easy (ideally open source) that would be compatible with our list of electronics?

Any suggestions to the electronic list is welcomed.

Link to motors

Link to ESC

Link to servos

Link to batteries

Link to IMU

Link to Arduino

Link to GPS

Link to wireless transceiver

Try this......

Well our main problem right now is determining what software that can work with an Arduinoto self guide our drone to go in a certain direction.

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I personally have had some experience with Arduinos/programming but I am in charge of the entire team leading this (consisting of four people) and two of them are better than me in those regards. They have access to this account/actively reading what goes on this forum.