Quadcopter Manual Camera Stabiliser without Servos or Motors

Does anybody know if there is a camera stabiliser that uses, say, a counter-balance to keep a camera level during quadcopter flight?

I'm using a GoPro on a quadcopter that I built myself and I would like a camera stabiliser that does not use servos or brushless motors or any electronics whatsoever. I'm thinking like some sort of gyroscope that uses a weight to hold the camera still while the quadcopter moves around.

This would simplify my quadcopter design considerably as I don't need to think about the electronic side of it so much.

I'm not sure what it would be called or where to find one. I'm looking for one that is cheap and not necessarily the highest quality.

Can anyone help me with this?



Have a look on Google for "Picavet mount" or "Picavet Rig". It's a self levelling/balancing rig you can create very simply and cheaply and is often used in aerial photography from kites.