Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just got my Arduino uno the other day, pretty excited to start learning. I always had a dream to build my own quad-copter. Is it possible to build one using Arduino uno micro-controller?

What did Google say?



Speaking of which, for those so inclined, I just ran across this link today, about development of the Intel Edison [indicates apparent Arduino compatibility], small and powerful enough to do serious vision processing in a flying drone, plus wifi and BT. Track people, etc.


However, for Schematic .... start with the UNO, learn to control everything with it, and maybe later on add another processor for heavy-duty signal crunching if and when you need it.

The UNO is perfectly sufficient for 90% of my projects, so don't worry about people talking about zillions of other processors, and Arduino-Centrale whipping out new boards every other week, :-).