Question about motor and lamp

First time using Arduino ,plz help

I need a simple program that loops on:[turn on the lamp, wait,
motor forward, wait, motor stop, wait, motor backward, wait, motor
stop, wait, turn off the lamp, wait], and where wait means a delay of
2 seconds, and the lamp is an LED structure connected to either one of
the "E, F, G, H" control of the control board we are using.

Thank you so much !!

This is not a free code writing service. We gladly help to get code that you have written to work, though.

Google searches can get you started on the individual parts of your sketch.

To learn how to control an LED search for "arduino control led" for example. I get over 3 million hits, the first is here.

To control a motor with forward and reverse you need an H bridge motor driver. To choose the appropriate motor driver the specifications of the motor must be known. The most important specifications to know are the motor rated voltage and stall current. For "arduino dc motor h bridge" I get over 600,000 hits.

Don't try to write the sketch all in one go. Write small sketches that get 1 part to work at a time and then when all parts work, combine them together.

The planning and implementing a program thread has some good information to get started on your code.

Which Arduino (controller board) are you using?

I need a simple program that loops…

Have a look at the Blink example in the IDE if that really is all you want to do.