Question - Usb Communication

Hey, I'm new to arduino and I want to try and use a arduino chip and the connecting cable to do live serial communication with windows. Overall I want to be able to send data from an N64 game controller to windows and have windows interpret that data as a game controller. I don't know exactly what this entails any insight will be helpful. Will i have to make drivers how does one go about something like this. Thanks in advance.

for this project i would choose the CUIduino. that one behaves like a real usb device and should be recognized by your OS as a normal HID (human Interface Device). so you don't need any drivers (which would be a PITA to write). should be fun to do.

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afaik you can program it like a normal arduino.

have windows interpret that data as a game controller

Your device must act as a USB HID (Human Interface Device). Making the Arduino do that is not straightforward, but there is a project called AVRUSB that might be useful. The Arduino's USB interface can't act as a HID, because it is a dedicated serial port (FTDI chip).

but there is a project called AVRUSB that might be useful.


Are there any projects which would have some example drivers to check out?

I have my Sega Genesis controller hooked up to the arduino right now, and it detects the button presses correctly and outputs them to serial. I was hoping I could do this too!

I know this is an Arduino forum, but what about Teensy, would this work? I am thinking CUIDuino would be much less cost effective. .

-One last update. I decided to do this without Arduino, I just used PPJoy drivers and both the SegaSNESkey and SegaNTPadXP circuits worked just fine, although in the past when I tried them they didn't work, possibly because of a different parallel port.