questions on building instructions for materia 101

When we follow instruction on building the extruder head, we did not see any instruction on installing thermistor. Is it pre-installed in the kit? If not, how should we install it? We have some questions also in the first soldering wires. Later in the instruction at page 37, it said:

"...cut off the tinned ends and remove about 10mm of the cover. Place onto every wire a 5mm piece of the 3mm shrink."

I could not find the tinned ends on the wires and what should i soldered to? At the very end when we try to adjust the Vref, we cannot seem to find where to measure the Vref on each of the motor driver. We also notice the thermistor temperature is at 0 degree, so we think the thermistor should be installed which the instructions did not tell us, even we wired the circuits correctly.

For the most of the part, we followed the instructions and tested the "home setting" of the printer and it works before we adjust the motor driver's potentiometers.

now, after we closed the printer and restart the printer few days later, the printer cannot auto home where the motors just stops. We tried reload the firmware and adjust the potentiometers but potentiometer can only go as low as 1 V where is should be around 0.4 V.

Try turning the vref pot up with something non-conductive while moving the axis.

Also take a look here:

I was unable to get 0.4 to show on any driver. Turning the screws didn't change readings on the multimeter.

We finally got it. The problem we found is because our plug converter also include transformer function which we did not switch it off. After we did that everything works as expected and we tune the potentiometer until the motor preform better by listen the sound of the motor. We test print some 3D models and tune our temperature for less strings during the printing process.

I was unable to get 0.4 to show on any driver. Turning the screws didn't change readings on the multimeter.

The voltage readings are the screws themselves. As they said, the voltage does not need to be exactly but only to adjust for better performance on the motors by listen to the sound. See the following video for better understanding.