radds lcd screen problems

hi all, new in, willing to learn but very very weiry of googgles non return in info…

from ooznest i purchased

RADDS 32 BIT board http://ooznest.co.uk/3D-Printer-Electronic-Parts/32-Bit-Electronics/RADDS-3D-Printer-Controller-Board

arduino due board http://ooznest.co.uk/Arduino-Due

and of course the RADDS lcd http://ooznest.co.uk/LCD-RADDS-Smart-Controller

installed the repetier firmware via the repetier online compiler, then up loaded via the programming port with arduino IDE on com port 5 (pc win10)
board ‘‘arduino Due (programming port)’’
programmer ‘‘AtmelSAM-ICE’’

Attached is the repetier .ino file i’m opening with arduino IDE 1.8.2

simplyfy3d connects ok, and the arduino ide ‘‘get board info’’ returns relavent info’s.

but the lcd only lights up with no numerical digits, simply two ‘block lines’ horizontaly.

the lcd is connected acording to the radds pdf

what am i doing rong?
the only thing i’ve attached to the boards are the drv 8825 stepper drivers.
i’ve tried usb powering the boards( on the programming port as the other doesnt show up in the device manager at all unless the repetier web configuring programmer is set to ‘‘native port’’ then the programming port will not show up in device manager)
and via the 12v jack plug.
both methods show the same blank screen illuminated.
eprom is disabled.

Repetier-Firmwareaa.zip (278 KB)

the lcd diagram for connecting.


A. get a desent copy of repetier,

B twidle the screen brightness pot...