"Rare" TLC5947DAP 24 channel LED drivers

I’ve got some new products on the way using the HTSSOP package of the TLC5947 chip. It has 24 channels of 12 bit PWM current-controlled LED drivers. If you’ve ever wanted to use it in the past 8 months, you’ve probably been disappointed by the fact that every supplier has gone out of stock, and is quoting 18 to 22 week leadtimes from TI. There’s been a worldwide semiconductor shortage and the TLC5947 was not immune.

Anyway, somehow Arrow got hold of a 2,000pc reel of them, and wouldn’t break it up. It was a tough decision but we really wanted to move forward with our new product ideas. We decided to buy the whole reel, over $6000 worth of parts. But 1,000 pcs would last us quite a while, definitely until the shortage eases up near the end of the year. So we put the remaining 1,000 pieces into the macetech store.

We’re currently the only supplier with any quantity of these parts in stock, and the only one who can sell and ship immediately without an 18 week leadtime. Mouser will get a few in this month, and then a few more in April (assuming the supply holds up).

The chip is easier to use than the TLC5940, since it has an internal PWM clock. It also has the perfect number of channels to control 8 RGB LEDs. I even created an Eagle library for the part, and the download link is available on the product page: http://macetech.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=17

That was quite an investment !

I hope you get your money back, with a little profit on top :slight_smile:

Yeah…that cleaned us out and we have to manufacture more stuff, so we’re going into the red again. On average the business at least pays for itself as long as all of two people’s free time is worth nothing. :slight_smile: Hopefully will reach critical mass soon.