RC car controlled with arduino?

Hello everyone,

I bought a cheap rc truck kind of thing at a thrift store for about a dollar, I took it apart, check the motors, and they work. There is one motor at the back to drive the wheels, and one motor at the front that when given current, changes direction of the front wheels. I would like to make a working RC car out of it (the actual controller isn't given), I know this can be a pretty hard task, but I would like to try. How should I go about this? Do the RC cars read signals by amplitude? The frequency is 45 Mhz, I can't find an oscillator for this, will I have to make one myself? I have almost zero knowledge of RF, except that you need an oscillator to make waves, any tutorials?


I guess the motor in front is a Servo, but without picture it's hard to tell. You probably also have somewhere a magic circuit to control the speed of the rear motor. If you're lucky, connecting the truck to an Arduino is very simple.

As to RC equipment, forget about making it yourself: Those are cheap commodity items and not worth re-inventing, better just buy a transmitter/receiver combo on ebay from China.

If you want to fool around with the Arduino, make it autonomous or control it via WLAN or Bluetooth if you have one of those shields.


The thing is, I would really like to learn RF, which is the main reason I chose the project. The car doesn't have a servo at the front, but a physically restrained motor with springs (it's made very cheaply). Are there any tutorials for the basics of RF? I can handle basic linear algebra and calculus.

The thing is, I would really like to learn RF,

Then that is a totally different story to playing with an Arduino to remote control a car. Most of us that play with "RF" are really just using normal digital with somebody else's RF modulator gadget and we don't know how it works. (OK I'm speaking for myself, but I'd say that's the case for most embedded/uC people).

I'm sure there are some RF guys here, but maybe there's a more RF-oriented forum out there.