rc receiver with nrf24l01 and arduino

Hello, wanting to start a new project but cannot find anything helpful (i have looked). im buiding a drone and want to use a Arduino and nrf24l01 for the transmitter and an Arduino and rnf24l01 as the rc reciever also

I can find loads of projects that use reciver and transmitter but nothing for an rc transmitter AND reciever

Iv'e done some searching and found that hobby king actually use the nrf24l01 transciever in there receivers with a micro controller also. I want to use a nrf2401 + Arduino for the receiver any help or direction towards documentation or something that would be helpful would be great.



The radios send data. What kind of data do you want to send to the drone? To get from the drone?

hi, I want to control the drone, so turn controller/transmitter inputs into something the drone can read/process it movement like a regular rc trans/rec.

forgive me if im being simple and missing something


A "regular RC transmitter" sends data in a format that a "regular RC receiver" can understand. The "regular RC receiver" then uses the data to control servo motors.

It that is ALL you want to do, use a regular RC transmitter and a regular RC receiver. It will be far cheaper initially and in the long run.

yes! that is all I want to do really just thought i had some arduinos and trancievers lying about and thought this would be cool/interesting. Didnt think it would be super hard but I guess I was wrong.. thanks for taking the time


Didnt think it would be super hard but I guess I was wrong..

It isn't, really, if can describe what data you want to send, and how. That a RC transmitter sends timed pulses that an RC receiver interprets as servo position data does NOT mean that you have to send/receive data the same way.

The Arduino is perfectly capable of sending 127 as a servo position, that another Arduino can receive and pass to the Servo library that generates the timed pulses that mean that the servo is supposed to move to position 127.

But, if you are expecting to transmit timed pulses, forget it.