RCL (inductance, capacitance) meter recommendation?

Can somebody recommend a reliable RCL (inductance, capacitance) meter, please?

I need to measure small inductance for demo projects and sometimes- capacitance.

Accuracy is less important it it must be acceptable = to measure the same values for the same coils five minutes later.

Preferable strongly built.

My budget is lower than 150 USD. I found here such meters for 40 USD but the reviews are negative.

I favor EU suppliers (whatever brand origin) because of easier custom clearance.

Thank you very much!

This works for me

Thank you, @jackrae!

You need to define "small inductance" using numbers and units, otherwise we can only guess what you mean.


I have found the Chinese ATmega328 transistor testers perform well as general purpose LCR meters. For $20, you can get a nice enclosure kit and get the experience of assembly. I have built five or six of these and given them away to people just starting out in electronics.

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Chinese ATmega328 transistor testers

Those are based on this project on mikrocontroller.net.
They are really nice as you can just plop a component in it and it will identify it and show the pinout. Passives as well as many semiconductors. But put a linear voltage regulator in it and it will probably identify it as 4 or 5 diodes.
I would guess they are not as good, in both range and accuracy, and dedicated LC meters.

I have built one myself based on the same project.
It measures as low as about 12µH and 10pF.

(Mine is bulkier, uglier and more expensive than any of the Chinese ones. But dammit, I built it and it works.)