RE: Big Red Button

Hi There Folks,

I need some assistance (total newbie).

My friend runs a charity and she has an event coming up where she needs to count the number of people that were there.

I need help with this very simple project.

I intend to buy 4 of these big red buttons:

Whenever someone enters they push one of the 4 buttons and the arduino registers it as one press. Id like to have a sim card on the arduino and every hour it sends an SMS to a pre defined number with the total number of presses so far.

As I say this is time sensitive and for charity and I have less than 10 days to pull it off so I would really appreciate any help that anyone could give me with the wiring diagram and coding.

There are example sketches of digital inputs - you could adapt that.
Sending the sms is a bit harder but there are examples provided with the cards .