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Searching for an equal?

Replying to Craig Morse's

Hi, I need a system that converts between the 4 formats.

  1. 2's comp Binary to Hex
  2. 2's comp Binary to Octal
  3. 2's comp Binary to Decimal
  4. Octal to 2's comp Binary
  5. Octal to Hex
  6. Octal to Decimal
  7. Hex to 2's comp Binary
  8. Hex to Octal
  9. Hex to Decimal
  10. Decimal to 2's comp Binary
  11. Decimal to Hex
  12. Decimal to Octal

Things to note: 1. Input should be through serial monitor and output should be through either serial monitor or through the LCD display 2. Output should show original input on one line and converted value on second. 3. Provide a simple menu system for the user to choose the conversion required (better marks for better menus). 4. You should return to the menu after each conversion. 5. The converter should work for the equivalent of an 8-bit binary value (remember it is in 2's compliment). 6. The decimal value can be negative. 7. Trap errors in the input.

Now if someone can post an answer within this topic which does all of the above with explanations etc. I am willing to pay a fee as a thank you

Due to be handed in next Friday, it seems.

Searching for an equal?


Naw. Just an honest student.

Just an honest student

Honest is good, but I’d be happy with one bright enough to disguise an assignment.

I dont understand what problems you guys have with me, I honestly dont.

You've offered money for someone to complete your homework assignment. You don't see that as a problem?

I wonder what your professor would have to say. Or your mother.

Honest is good, but I'd be happy with one bright enough to disguise an assignment.


At the end of the day right, if I could do it, I wouldnt be asking anyone.

But when you present it, will you be giving correct attribution? I don't think so. :D

And ive been given this assignment when in my entire life I have had nothing to do with Arduinos

Hint: there's nothing in the statement of the problem that says it has to be done on an AVR.

I once wrote a matrix manipulation package in COBOL because there was nothing in the assignment that said I shouldn't.

It was about 1000x bigger than my solution in APL.

You guys have serious issues, Im telling you

And we're listening to you. We really want you to know that.

Are you a business student? Or, maybe you’re taking a class in outsourcing? :slight_smile:

I’m sure you can do this if you just try!

you're taking a class in outsourcing?

Best laugh of the day!

Are you a business student?

That's it, he is a MBA student. They deal with costs, sales, and profits, not how one learns to solve problems as a growth experiance.

Im not asking someone to complete my assignment to become president am I?

No, but I think most of us would like to make sure you don't accomblish the president goal thing.


He's not a business student.

While I applaud the use of the internet as a tool for research, I do not count asking someone for the answer as research.

This is NOT a difficult assignment. Especially as I've given you half the code AND taught you at great length last year how to convert between these number systems.

I'm watching!

See you in class...

Cheers, Chris

there are plenty of cheat and liers out there right

That's as good an excuse to add to the pile as any I suppose. ... If that is the real Dr. Dennett, I'm somewhat tempted to post a solution just to make it that much more difficult for you to take the credit.

See you in class...

Cool. He comes here for help, gets ridiculed a little to be finally be caught with his trousers down by his teacher. That's motivation!


Thread Of The Month candidate.

I wonder what your professor would have to say.

I guess we know now.

@ Dr. Dennett:

How was the Morse reciever [sic] assignment?

(change of username to protect the not-so-innocent)

Thread Of The Month candidate.

;D Got my vote!


Thanks for that! Shouldn't be too hard to find... It was actually a bit trickier than that. The morse was transmitted and rx'd through IR and the demo circuit I'd given them for that was 'poorly' designed ;)

Anyone that took the cash got stung considering how much the demo of the code was worth for the final portfolio. It will be interesting to see the flow diagrams and pseudo code explanations etc that make up the bulk of the report...

Even worse is the fact that the student could have come to see me, as others have, to discuss the design AND implementation stages! That's what the workshops are for...

Keep up the good work fellas. I am constantly inspired by the work that goes on in this community.

Cheers, Chris

Oh well

Welcome Dr. Chris Dennett!

Hope you stick around. Thank you for restoring my faith in teachers! This is not the first student that asks for a copy-paste solution (not the first to offer money either) but as far as I know, you're the first teacher that actually join the conversation and makes it clear that this is not acceptable.

I hope this thread might help the next student with a clever idea to think twice. Choose either to learn Arduino, or to learn a hard lesson.