Read and write unknown eeprom printer

hallo every one i need help to read and save this chip and write it again to reset paper counting in my samsung printer so i just photo i dont know why the pin out is deferent than the regular eeprom flash like 24XXX and 25XXX series i have arduino uno and CH341A i dont fine any datasheet for it

The 1815 make me think it's may be it's a ViewSonic E-IC-0401-1815

A quick search leads to IC-M24C08BN6 (EEPROM)) and this datasheet...

There is also the WinBond 25Q32JVSIG-1815 chip (Flash Serial SPI)

really just a guess...

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is not detectable if i wired the same 25XX serials

it's really a shot in the dark...

its has a defrent name also

another name same function

Seems replacement parts are being sold. May be it's not a rewritable EEPROM

i want to read it only so i can make a dump

OK - unfortunately without the exact component information it's hard to know.. poking around trying to find an I2C address for example could be a good start

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what is component take the same pins legs name ?

Get a logic analyzer and look how the printer uses the device.


C5 is connected to pin 6 and this is connected to the small Vcc pad. But I don't see connection between the large and small Vcc pad! I think pins 5 and 6 are NOT connected externally. The device may be an EERAM. Example DS is included.
downloads-1.pdf (539.7 KB)

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the thing that i want to extract or read the eeprom form it so i can reset it so i need to connect it correctly in my CH341A to read it or its cannot to read it ? if not how to read it ? if i read it i can make clone from it

Printer companies do a good job of making their counter chips un-hackable by ordinary users. I have the same problem with Lexmark, I end up buying Asian eBay chips.

Off hand, what model of Samsung printer?

Exactly, if you look for P8H4110 you’ll find tons of non branded board that claim to be compatible. And they sell the full board…

M2020 samsung if we can read it we can rewrite it again in another chip

Necessity is the mother of invention
yes the same chip P8H4110

how to modify eeprom in board .bin file the eeprom solder it to main printer board so we can modify it to overcount the paper or somthing

like this one how to modify it to be able to reset or block the reading of the counter chip

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