Read data meant for ws2812b led from led controller.

I have an led controller that is meant to control ws2812b LEDs inside my pc. I would like to be able to sync more LEDs than just the LEDs in my pc. I was wondering if it was possible to read the data coming from the controller that is meant for the ws2812b chip with an Arduino. The controller has 3 pins for output, ground, data, and 5V.

The controller is a Razer ARGB controller. I have attached 2 screenshots for the timings for the data transfer to the ws2812b chip.

I have a few Arduino Unos and an Arduino Due and was wondering if reading this data was possible using these boards.

Thank you.

Have you seen the timing of WS2812B? I don't think that'd be possible.

Try looking at the contents of one of the Neopixel libraries, it may provide hints on decoding the data on the line.

Why not just copy (buffer) the data stream going to the current LED strings and send the same to the new string(s)?
Use a 1 gate of a 74AC125 or similar to copy the signal.

I have a similar question, with my phanateks p400a fans all fans are sent the same commands, ie set led 5 to blue, sets led 5 on all fans to blue, I then managed to create (after lots of tinkering and research) I managed to get each fan on a pin and can control each separately but cannot address all 3 fans at the same time, also for Sim hub I need all on a single pin. Each fan has 12 leds, the idea is to have 1 Arduino be the controller for 36 or more leds, then have a second capture those and then assign 1-12 to one pin, 13-24 on the next pin etc