ReadAnalogVoltage tutorial

Looking at this forum If you turn the potentiometer in the way the resistance is 0 Ohm is it possible you are connecting Vcc and GND togheter?

What do you think about?

No, not if it's a potentiometer. With a pot, the two ends always have the full resistance between them, and that's where the voltage is applied.

edit: The middle pin of the pot, and therefore the Arduino analog pin, gets connected to ground or 5V or somewhere in between, though.

Not possible. The pot never gets to 0 ohms the wiper moves up and down the resistance forming a voltage divider. The analogue input is high impedance so there is never a point where the Vcc shorts to Gnd.


I can't believe we are actually discussing this... (the schematic in the tutorial clearly shows the analog input connected to the wiper and the pot resistance between 5V & GND. It is not in the least ambiguous).