Reading & comparing multiple digital inputs

Can anyone please guide me what mistake am I doing in below statement. My if case is misbehaving and triggers even in other cases also.

const int D0 = 2;   //pin7
const int D1 = 1;   //pin6
const int D2 = 0;   //pin5
const int D3 = 4;   //pin3
const int DISP_SV = 3;   //pin2


void setup()
  pinMode(D0, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(D1, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(D2, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(D3, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(DISP_SV, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  STATE1 = digitalRead(D0); 
  STATE2 = digitalRead(D3);
  STATE3 = digitalRead(D1);
  STATE4 = digitalRead(D2);
  if (STATE1 == LOW && STATE2 == LOW && STATE3 == HIGH && STATE4 == HIGH)
    //while (STATE1 == LOW && STATE2 == LOW && STATE3 == HIGH && STATE4 == HIGH);
    bool static LED_State = 0;
    LED_State =  1^LED_State ;    // This changes state of Disp_sv.
    digitalWrite(DISP_SV, LED_State);

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Do you have pullup resistors holding the inputs at a known state at all times or are they floating at an unknown voltage, maybe HIGH, maybe LOW ?

When debugging code with conditional statements it is often helpful to print the values being tested to see whether they look reasonable

What is the point of the #defines for the pin names ?

Which Arduino board are you using ?

please put your code in code tags.
if you don't know how to use code tags, read the sticky posts.
The sticky posts will also explain that we need a schematic of your setup and a real picture to give you a proper answer.

this will do lit. nothing to your pin, therefore the state is undefined, not high not low.
google about pullup resistors and how to read buttons.

Still result is same. I am using ATTiny13A with usb asp programmer.