Reading on Windows


I'm currently trying to send measurements from my arduino nano 33 ble to my windows 10 computer using ble and I don't really know how to receive and show them.

At the beginning I wanted to use node red but it said that no 4.0 adapter was found ... So is there an other solution to connect to my arduino ?

I've tried an app on my android to check if my android programm worked well and there is no problem. My only problem is on the windows side.

BLE support for makers on Windows is unfortunately not great. I believe the issue comes from the fact that most BLE devices are connected to mobile platforms and there is no exiting application for Windows PCs. Nobody wants to run or cycle through the forest with a Windows PC. So, Microsoft probably does not care beyond supporting keyboard and mouse.

If you have to use a PC the best option is likely to use a second Arduino connected to the PC.

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