Nano 33 connecting to laptop using Bluetooth

Is it possible to establish a BT connection between a nano 33 and a windows laptop?

Yes, a Windows app can connect to an Arduino Nano 33 BLE as BLE peripheral.

I found a way to connect to the Arduino is using a web browser (Chrome or Edge). How are your HTML, CSS and Javascript skills?

What would you like to do?

I want to download data from a nano and save it as a csv file.
I already built an Android app that does it and it works fine.
I should port it to iOS but I'm not to keen on it, so I thought of building it for a pc running windows.
I'm also investigating if an android emulator for a PC would work...

Back to your question, those skills - css, HTML, Js - are almost nill for me....

The support for BLE under Windows is not great. Most BLE development focuses on mobile platforms because nobody wants to runs or cycle trough the forest with a PC on their back. :slight_smile:
I had a look into Visual Studio but that seems very complex for developers that do not use it every day. There is a free Community Edition so you could give that a try.

Back to the web browser option, can you point me to something that I can use as an example / starting point?

I started here:

There are plenty of links to follow with additional information. I also looked at other pages but these are the ones I bookmarked and look at during development.

I am still learning this stuff but I will be happy to help you with what I know.

I also looked at PWA (progressive web apps). That should allow the page to be installed but I am not sure if that really helps because it requires HTTPS.

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