Reading sensor via 4G SIM7600CE-T module

I have a temperature sensor connected to Arduino MEGA 2560 R3, where I have attached a SIM 7600 CE-T 4G module. How can I display the sensor's readings via the use of 4G module to my laptop, either on the Chrome browser or any better way, but without the use of a 3rd party website...

For instance, this guy here: uses 3rd party solution. I don't want this. I need to have "direct" connection to my laptop.



We are talking about 200 km distance from my laptop to the device. Only 4G modem I can use...

and a third party to bridge the distance.....
Skype via microcontroller?

Can I just hit the IP address of the 4G modem and read the data on my web browser as it occurs with WIFI modules? Just this, simply!

you might want to check out this

and this

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The telephone system is very different from the Internet. Using a telephone modem to get in contact with the Internet is not possible as I've got it.

Use GPRS to establish an internet connection through the cellular network.

The 'client' side needs to find the IP address of the 'server' side.

You can set your laptop up with Dynamic DNS to assign a name to the laptop's address. That will make it relatively easy for the SIM card to get the address.

If your laptop is on a private LAN (most are) you will need to set up port forwarding in the router to allow a connection from the Internet to a port on your laptop.

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