Reading the Vendor and Manufacturer ID from USB Reader

Does anyone happen to know a resource or a sketch that would be able to read a vendor ID/Manufacture ID when a USB reader (connected to uno) is plugged into a TV? I've scoured the internet in searach of this and have yet to find anything. I would attempt to create it myself, but I do not even know where I would start with my current skill set.

What do you mean by "USB Reader"? Can you point to a specific device?

This is currently the part I am working with. Sorry for the confusion in the name

Get a copy of the current USB standards documentation. I bet the information you are looking for is part of the negotiations between master and slave when the USB communication is first started.

The FTDI FT232R chip use the Vendor ID and Product ID codes stored in EEPROM. The defaults are Vendor: 0x0403, Product: 0x6001

If that USB-UART FT adapter is plugged into the TV, then ask the TV. Only the TV knows the ID. Are you trying to read this ID with an arduino UNO? How is the UNO connected to the TV because as I said, only the TV can read it if the adapter is plugged into the TV. The arduino UNO having wires connected to the USB adapter is NOT going to magically read the USB adapter's ID.

I believe the Board_QC example from the USB Host 2.0 Library spits out info similar to that, no?

Here's an example output:

Checking USB device communication.

Reset complete. Waiting for the first SOF...
Getting device descriptor
Descriptor Length:	12
Descriptor type:	01
USB version:		0210
Device class:		00
Device Subclass:	00
Device Protocol:	00
Max.packet size:	40
Vendor  ID:		18D1
Product ID:		4EE7
Revision ID:		0404
Mfg.string index:	01
Prod.string index:	02
Serial number index:	03
Number of conf.:	01

All tests passed. Press RESET to restart test

Is that of use? If it's not what you're after, then excuse my ignorance!

I have wires connecting the uno to the chip. Then I was going to use a usb-b cable to connect the chip to the tv. Obviously once its plugged in I would then run the sketch to get the results I wanted (hopefully). I dont know if thats how it would work, but that was just my plan

This looks very promising! It has what I am looking for and more. I'll take a look at it, Thanks so much.

I assure you that's NOT going to work. As I said, you plug that adapter to the TV, then the TV is THE ONLY THING that can get the ID. I wonder why you want to connect that adapter to the TV, for power supply or else? Is there any photo of your contraption?

Ah thank you, but Im more looking for the vendor/product of the tv that I plug the device into rather than the part itself. But that could be of use to check if the code is running properly so Thanks!

I'm simply just wanting to get the vendor/product of the tv. I thought the way I was doing it would function. But I guess not

OK, please elaborate what you want to do. You didn't do that to start with so you owe it to us to explain what you want to achieve, and how you are proposing to achieve it.

Do elaborate the type of the TV USB port. Is it an A port (rectangular) like those on a PC, or is it a B port (square) like that on a printer. I can tell you NO again if you say A.

I don't think a USB Host has a Vendor ID or Product ID. Those are to allow the Host to know what peripheral has been plugged in.

That's my suspicion as well. The TV only has down-facing ports. But you do occasionally find a smart device with an up-facing port. OP doesn't know a thing about USB protocol except physical ports and cables match.

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