Really High Temperature Sensor

Hello, I am looking for a high temperature sensor to monitor the exhaust gas of my frier. You can see the exhaust port here

According to google, a propane flame is around 1900 C (3452 F). The flame shoots into a tube that is 57" long and I am trying to monitor the temperature of the tube at the opposite end of the flame.

I do know, it maxed my little thermometer out at 600+F degrees but I have no way of really measuring.

Do they make a thermometer that will work with the arduino that will measure this high of temperature?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

There are several types of inexpensive thermocouple probes that can be routinely used at temperatures up to 2200 F, and more expensive ones that go quite a bit higher.

The temperature you quote is at the very hottest point of the flame, which is not particularly relevant for measuring heater or furnace temperature, let alone exhaust gas temperature.

Google "high temperature thermocouple"

Thank you for the help

I find alot of K Type is that the one to get?

specifically I am looking at this one at the moment

That is one possible choice for the amplifier. You need a K type thermocouple probe with cladding rated for the expected highest temperature.

Omega Engineering is a go to place for thermocouples. Look at their line of extreme temperature sensors.

Be aware that you may pickup radiant heat from the tube or flame if you are trying to measure gas temperature .
A type K thermocouple might do it .

Google “suction pyrometer “

Bare metal probes don't pick up much radiant heat having very low emissivity, although that does
increase with temperature. Forced air circulation will give good heat conduction to the probe, but
you have to be careful that enough of the wire upto the probe tip is all in the air flow so that
you don't get too much heat conduction along the wire, perhaps an inch or so.