Realtime Graphing of Accelerometer/Gyroscope Data

I used and Arduino and and a few hundred lines of Processing code to graph out the data from some accelerometer and gyroscopes. I think the graphing frameworks is pretty simple and can easily handle different types of sensor data.

All the code and more details about the project are at: Hobby Robotics » Realtime Graphing of Accelerometer/Gyroscope Data

very cool, i was trying to learn processing to make a bar graph for gyro data but having a hard time moving to java based language. Would you mind posting a sample arduino code so i can see what the sketch expects to find with respect to serial data. It'd be great if i could use this for my I2C gyro with a little fanagling

(edit)Nevermind, saw it on your page. But I'm having problems compiling: Serial.write(*byte, int) not recognized. Im not seeing a two argument .write() in there either. What version are you using of arduino. Im using 0015.

This feature was added in 0016. Here is the bullet from the release notes:

  • Adding write(str) and write(buf, size) methods to Print, Serial, and the
    Ethernet library Client and Server classes. This allows for more efficient (fewer packet) Ethernet communication. (Thanks to mikalhart.)

There were also some other nice new features and I'm not aware of any regressions or other reasons not to upgrade.

Got it to work, thanks. Didnt know that 0016 made any major changes. I modified it to work with the Wii motion plus gyro. Would you mind if I post the modified version over in that exhibition post?

That's awesome. Feel free to post the code there. I'll probably use it myself in the future. I realized that I'm not going to have enough analog pins to do everything I want and this will let me share more pins.