Reasonably priced analog brake sensors for motorcycle data aquisition system

I'm in the process of building a GPS lap timer for motorcycle roadracing and I'm thinking about upgrading the project to a more comprehensive data acquisition system.

When I'm braking, how much, and with which brake (front or rear) would be useful data.

There are already on/off switches on the front and rear brakes to run the taillight.

I know those signals go to the ECU because the bike throws a check engine light if the brake light is removed / burned out.

I plan to tie into the ECU data, but I don't know if that data will differentiate between front/rear and I know that it will not give analog data, as the sensors are just an on/off signal.

I would like to measure the pressure in the braking system.

There are sensors out there that replace the banjo bolt (my rear brake currently has one of these), but if the rest of this project is any guide, the made-for-racing versions put out by vendors are about 10x the cost of a DIY version.

Here is one vendor's version, for around $160, which could serve as a guide for pressure requirements, etc:

Note that if I tie into my brake system, I need to be 100% confident that I will not compromise the system, especially the front brake, which does 99% of the work.

Also note, the front brake has a double banjo bolt, so for a direct plug-in I would need something that looks like this on/off pressure switch:

Does anybody have any thoughts here?

I would willingly pay $160 for a proven system rather than risk my lif on DIY.


I would willingly pay $160 for a proven system rather than risk my lif on DIY.


I hear you, but if my experience with buying race parts holds, that $160 “proven system” came from a factory in China for $16 bucks, shipped. They may even be selling them unbranded on ebay for $10.

You start seeing huge markups the minute something is branded as a “race part” usually because the market is small and because people will pay anything chasing a few seconds, rarely because the part actually costs that much to make.

I am reaching out for ideas people might have, that doesn’t mean I’m going to take the first one, duct tape something together, and figure out whether or not it works at the end of a 150mph straightaway. I take safety precautions seriously - like drilling the bolts in my bike and safety wiring them in place after they’re torqued down - that’s the same thing they do on airliners.

The main safety concern if I tie into the brake system is that the sensor acts like a banjo bolt and doesn’t fail in a way that releases brake pressure. The on/off sensors accomplish that - they’re $10 because people buy them mostly for street use, not racing. I doubt the electronics that would give you an analog signal justify a $150 price difference, but if they do, I’ll either just live with an on-off signal, or figure out another way (like measuring the position of the brake lever).