Receive MIDI signals via MIDI USB

So, I'm busy with a arduino project, and I have a question:

Is it possible to receive MIDI signals from a MIDI keyboard/piano to the arduino via MIDI USB?

If yes:

Do you have a website with a tutorial or something like that?

Thank you!
Laurens Jordense

I know midi is serial communication at 31250 baud.

computer serial is +5 to 15V so it wil probably fry your arduino shrug don't connect it to a computer's serial port straight.

But physical midi specifications does look to be +5v:
(Do not take this for granted. Your multimeter is your friend.)
And should show where to get GND, sending data , receiving data from.

where $ is concerned.. What to test with... Your dad's Roland keyboard > Your computer > your arduino ? ( The local junkyard will probably contain a keyboard with melted keys but a working midi connector. )

here's a thread that discussed non standard baud rates earlier.
Seems like they got it to work in the end.

If you want the arduino to act as a USB host, i think you need a USB host shield or similar, like this:

Yes, sorry, I went a bit off topic there. I thought you wanted to connect a midi device to your arduino.
Not an usb device in particular.