reduce range of rf transmitter receiver pair


Is there any way I can reduce the range of rf transmitter receiver? I'm currently using a 433 Mhz rf pair which has a range of around 400 meters.

I need a range of only 2-3 meters and not more than that. Is der anyway I can reduce it? Thanks

Shorten the antenna, or leave it off completely.

No antenna, lower voltage, put an rf absorbing shield or add a resistor to Vin.

Before you go modifying it to shorten the range, make sure it actually has the range you think it does to begin with ;-)

If it's the cheapo ones, you may be surprised at how miserable the range is. See the other thread with the guy complaining about 10 foot range :-P (I've gotten results in that area with cheap 433 receivers too, and it's never been exactly clear why it's that bad; there are slightly-less-cheap ones that work the same way, and often have same pinout, but which perform markedly better (the good ones have a crystal on the receiver)).

Hi, Have you tested the range, or are you quoting the specifications. Can you post a picture of the units, a part number and specifications.

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I am not using any antenna but I still find the range too much for my project.

What kind of rf absorbing shield can I use? I tried using aluminum foil but it doesn't work.

The range is 400 m according to specs but I haven't tested it to full range.

I tried keeping the input voltage as possible, around 3.5 V but the range is still more.

Is the extra range a problem? It is good to have some extra range to provide protection against fades.

Run it on a lower voltage? I boost voltage to get more range so I figure it should work the other way around.

Anyway, PLEASE tell me which type of modules you are using. Mine is this:

And I get a range of around 30m. I would love not having to worry about repeating signals and such so please .. tell me :)

Hi, When you used foil, did you connect it to gnd of the wireless unit?

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