reef led light - need help with the code and eeprom

hi, i have some problems with the code and the eeprom library! need help guys!

look at the zipe file…
reguards and i hope to get some help, i am a beginner! (4.9 KB)

It would be better if you can post the code directly in a post - use code tags - the button on the left of the quote bubble.

Also you need to describe what the code is supposed to do and what it actually does.

I think (I HOPE) it will be possible to attach .ino files tomorrow.


hi, tkns for reply!! look at the code...i cont attach the .ino file but it is in the zip file..

im noob..can you help me and check the code for me?

i would like to do something like this:


I thought you had a short sketch with 30 or 40 lines of code but that .zip file has a huge sketch in it.

I am much too lazy to try to figure all that out.

You will have to describe the problem with a lot more detail than "I have some problems".

Can you write a very short sketch that illustrates the problem?