Regarding current sensor ACS 758 100B

i was searching for a current sensor to use in a car (for a racing team) to sense up to 150 Ampere
and i found the ACS 758 , and the one that is available in my country (Egypt) is ACS 758 100B
here is its datasheet

i understood that it can detect between -100A and 100A
my question is can this sensor sense my 150 A if i use it between 0 A and 150 A or 200A(as it is Biderictional) ?
if not , what is the meaning of biderictional in sensors ? and if there is any links to help me understand why it can't sense up to 200A from 0A, please Help.
final question , is there any other sensor to use in the car and use it with Arduino,please help.
Thanks in advance.

Read the real data sheet on the device. It has:

"For more overcurrent profiles, please see FAQ on the Allegro website,".

All depends on the ACTUAL device you are using. But their data sheet shows various covercurrent values based on temperature and time in milliseconds for the overcurrent.