Reinstall AX-12A firmware without a USB2Dynamixel

Hey guys, I've been messing around with some AX-12A dynamixels (here), which are pretty much servos with their own microcontroller built in. A day or two ago, one of my dynamixels stopped working, so I contacted support and they told sent me a video on how to fix it. The problem is, to fix it, I have to buy a thing called a USB2Dynamixel which basically does exactly what it says, and it's 50 dollars. I would rather spend 50 dollars on something else, so I'm wondering if there's anyway I could reinstall the firmware using either my arduino mega or my cm-530 controller, which is basically a controller for the dynamixels, instead. Any ideas? Thanks.

P.S. Here's the video they sent to me on how to fix it