Remote Wind Speed Sensor

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New around here, have an idea that I think an Ardunio might be able to help me with. Need some basic direction however to see if this could possibly work. The Anemometer sensor produced AC signal that varies up to 1vac. There is also a wind direction sensor that operates of of contact closures. The display is an analog gauge that receives the ac signal and moves the needle, and wind direction. The wind speed gauge/display is made by Maximum, popular in the boating community.

Wanting to place the anemometer sensor on my roof without having to run wires back down to the display. Also wanting to do this myself as a fun project to do with my son as he is learning about electronics and coding. I am an electronics tech by trade and always love to tinker, but new to Ardunio.

Thank You for any direction.

Wanting to place the anemometer sensor on my roof without having to run wires back down to the display.

So I'll assume no wires.
You will need to consider:

  • An Arduino at the sensors and one at the display.
  • A small low power "Arduino" at the sensors.
  • Battery, likely lithium (look at 18650 as a popular battery with decent capability)
  • Communications: There are a lot of Arduino type boards with Bluetooth on board. Likely your best bet.

Should be pretty straight forward. One thing to keep in mind, before you put everything together test each part separately. It will make the final troubleshooting much easier.

In the Arduino IDE under File/examples/digital is a program "Blink without Delay". When you suspect your board might not be working use this simple program to prove the board is OK.

How about power wires? Batteries will not last long, unless you delve deeply into sleep modes and ultra low power circuitry. The standard Arduino boards are not suitable for low power operation.

12V solar cells, PWM charge controller, 12V LiFePo4 battery, a MCU with WiFi (ESP32). I found that using 18650 LiPo's do not work very well with solar. The longest run I got using a 18650 was about 4 months before needing my attention. The LiFePo4/PWM charge controller combo has been running for 1 year 7 months without fail.

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