replace dial indicator w/ Arduino based go/no-gauge

I currently used a dial indicator with a roller tip to measure how far out of true a surface is.

I’d like to replace the indicator with a LED bar graph that acts as a go/no-go gauge/. I need to be able to slide the device against the surface, zero it, then have it read measurement down to .1mm

From the Examples page, the bar graph or computer display doesn’t appear too challenging. I’m not having much luck finding the appropriate censor for the measurement input.

Any advice or ideas is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Looks as if I can replace my current indicators with cheap digital indicator,

It appears that has some sort of output port - does anyone recognize it? Is most likely a perfect fit for my application. But a bit out of the price range for this project.

Most of the Chinese digital stuff uses a similar protocol. Have a look for 'Schumatech' or 'Yadro' or 'Chinese digital scale' on Google. More work has been done in this area with the digital calipers as machine DROs than with test indicators, but the principles are the same. These should get you started.

Thanks for the tip! The Schumatech looks promising.

I found this late last night, Indicator / digital calipers are similar enough.

Guess the next step is to buy some Chinese Indicators.

Looks like there is already work done on this idea.(chinese scale/indicator w/ Arduino)