Replacing mega with due

I have a project with arduino mega, a tft touch shield (4", 480x320), 2 relays, a rotary encoder and sim900. I see that printing on the tft is pretty slow so I start reading about due that I have never used. I hope to that it could drive the tft faster. I suppose that using logic level converter I will be able to connect relays and rotary encoder because of the lower working voltage. My concern now is sim900. Will I be able to use it? Do I need these converters again for the pin which turns the sim900 on and use the 2 hardware serial pins instead of the 2 software serial pins?
Thanks in advance.

Since digital pins are strictly 3.3V compliant, logic level shifters are mandatory to receive 5V digital signals. Likewise,for analog inputs, voltage dividers are useful to reduce signals above 3.3V.

Performance wise, since a DUE is more capable than a Mega (but unfortunately more complex too), porting a code designed for a Mega upon a DUE should always be possible. There is a learning curve to swap from an AVR to an ARM Cortex M3 uc.

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