RepRap: Temperature Sensor v1.1

Part 3 of the RepRap exhibition. We recently switched to Arduino as our primary microcontroller platform, and we've developed a set of boards based around Arduino. This board is quite useful, and also very cheap. It is a temperature sensor based on an NTC thermistor. It's a very basic circuit, but it is still nice to have a PCB to keep everything nice and tidy. It has screw terminals for the thermistor connection, places for voltage divider resistors and a smoothing cap, and we have a bunch of useful code that will allow you to easily read the thermistor (including a lookup table generator!)

As always, 100% open source under the GPL.

More information on our wiki page.

sweet :smiley:

I intend to build a reprap someday :slight_smile: how can i get the replicated parts?

thanks =)

we're working on stepping up part production. we recently printed all the parts for a 2nd reprap machine on a first reprap machine which demonstrated that it is possible, and now the real work begins on making that process more reliable, repeatable, and capable of being scaled up so that we can produce tens, hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions of parts :wink:

my guess is we'll have extruders in 2-3 months, and ideally full kits by xmas 2008. cross your fingers.

sounds great :smiley: