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I spend a lot of time looking for crash or impact sensors, but all what i found is about air pressure sensor :( . I need it for measuring the output of impact (example: car accident), by force applied on it as an input and like that.


Have you tried tilt sensors? If it's a bit smoother an acceleration sensor might also be a good choice. Tell us what you wanna do with the sensor and in what environment you wanna install it.

You example (car accident) does not specify where the sensor should be. In the car? In a crash barrier?

thanks for your reply

I want to use it in the car bumper (middle and corner), if you know some of these sensors with different range for input and output, i will be happy for your feedback :)

I want to use it in the car bumper (middle and corner)

OK, and what are you gonna do with them? Just detect if the car crashed or do you need to know how hard the impact was? What's the upper limit of acceleration you need to detect?

The bumper is just an example,, I want to use it in other application but the important thing that I want to know is how hard the impact was?(By applying different forces and get an output in volt)...

In this case you need accelerometers. You have to think about the range they have to measure. The common sensors go up to about 10g, but for your application you might need much higher limits to actually have a differentiation between bumps. The other type of sensor that may be of use for you is a shock sensor. But there you probably have to have different types because the usually only give you a digital signal and not a floating value.

Thanks a lot,, I read about accelerometers but I want to use another sensor with it.

Do you think that shock sensor will be a good choice ?

Do you think that shock sensor will be a good choice ?

You have to provide more details about your project to give you any more advice of what sensor to use. Are you doing crash tests with cars? What's the reason you install two sensors? What do you need the sensor data for?

Thanks for replying I searching a lot for crash sensor ( to give the value for the impact ), but i did not find that. Do you know about crash sensors that may help ?

I need the sensor data to know how much the impact value (output) by applying different forces (input)..

I need the sensor data to know how much the impact value (output) by applying different forces (input)..

So you wanna apply additional forces after a crash? Sorry, I don't understand.

I make two program. first is analog sound sensor program, second is dht22 and analog sound sensor program. for the first program (only analog sound sensor), the serial monitor make a fast print value of the sensor. but for the second program, the serial monitor printed so slowly. the analog sound sensor become not responsive.

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sorry for that, I want to know the crash value, so I need a crash sensor to output that value(in volts if any).

I read about shock sensor, but its start at certain value (applying input), so if there is a crash sensor that gives an output for any applying force, it will be very good for me.

OR if any crash sensor that also work at certain applying force, i will use it :)


you could check a "car scrap yard" to see if there are old airbag sensors you can use. They are designed for automotive;)


what about piezos?

they are cheap, but can crash. I think there's also some tutorials about them. A protected circuit could be also required, as a high impact can deliver more than 5v, toasting your board.


I know about piezos, but i need one that used for higher impact (higher than piezos)