Resistor Meter and Capacitor Meter

This is some explanation about how to measure them using electronics. I have used Arduino, but the Formulas are good for every chip you may use


Multifunction part identifiers are available online; this one actually uses the same old '328p that most arduino boards are based on.

(no endorsement of that particular vendor)

AHA :slight_smile:
You are right!
Actually I have bought one like this myself, and it is working great!
I might do a movie of this one that I bought.
However there are different between the types of this multi meters, some has more function that the others.
Also there is a MISTAKE in reading the BETA of Bi-polar transistors, I have checked few and they are mistaking in some of parameters.
So you need to make sure what you really want to measure with them

Attaching picture of mine

BTW my code is ready for share here:

Enjoy, R

I bought this one and am most impressed. I thought it would be ideal for quick and dirty measurements but have been surprised by its performance. I can't buy the parts for that price.