retracting off road lights possibilty?

Im looking to help a friend out on a project to have external offroad lights be able to fold down, and be mounted from the back so when its down you don't see anything from the front,
I know and arduino can easily do the controlling, using limit switches and a motor driver, but I was wondering what actual kind of motor can do this that can be easily controlled to do this
it be preferred to be able to lock In place, so I was looking at worm drive type motors,
but would a stepper be able to do the same thing sl the position can be determined? Any insight into those kinda things would be helpful, im not to expireinced In motor control or the actual motor specs
also if anyones done something like this that'd be cool to see and learn from

I made a fold down cb antenna for my truck. It is mounted in the center of the roof, and when it is down, it pointing back. For the mechanics, I got a 300rpm, 12V motor from ebay. The motor turns a screw, which pushes/pulls a lever to make the antenna go up/down. I had limit switches installed, but they didn't last long because they were not protected from the weather. Now I just use a center-off DPDT toggle switch. When the motor stops running, I know the antenna is either up or down, and turn the switch off. I was thinking of "Arduinoizing" the setup, but so far I haven't done it. It would work to just have a timer shut off the motor after 7 seconds because that's how long it takes to put it up/down. I would think you could do retractable roof lights in a similar way.

I also have roof mounted lights. They don't fold down, but I can turn them side to side with another motor connected in a similar way.

Here's how to do it with limit switches:

What does the motor /screw /lever assembly look like? The aim of my idea is that all my friend has to do is push a button and it will either go up or down, whatever is opposite its current position
so I guess an electronic equivalent of the dpdt switch would be an hbridge? And then the snap action switch would tell me to stop movement as well as the current position
I've searched a decent amount and its hard to find an explanation on how people have done this, usually its a video that just shows it works : /

I don't have a good picture of the setup. I tried to make a diagram, but my paint skills are not too good.

have external offroad lights be able to fold down

How big / heavy are these lights and what sort of forces are going to be applied to them when the (vehicle?) is 'offroad'?

Over what sort of distance / angle do you plan to move them, and how much force will it take to move them and hold them in position?

Basically atleast 90 degrees, 120 preferred
its for 4 lights maybe 3lbs each, + watever the supporrt bracket is
maybe 20 lbs totsl to estimate?

That's reasonably hefty, but I think an electric window lifter would handle it OK. Available for peanuts if you have any vehicle breakers near you.

Hehe I happened to have my first car which someone totaled for me : /
however today I got quite the assortmant of motors and pumps that hopefully will work
I was thinking for a limit switch that I can gauge the current to determine if its fully up or down,
I was measuring some specs and for example motor draws exactly 2amps when its running and almost exactly 6 when its fully loaded(eg hit the end)
What kind of circuit would I need to to just give a simple yes no (0,1) if the current is more than 3 amps? I was thinking an opamp set with the non inverting to a current shunt, somehow triggers when the voltage is above a preset voltage divider, to tell me its above 3a
what is the best way to do this?