REYAX RYLR896 and Uno rev2 with WiFi not cooperating

Basically I am working on an IoT project to send and receive sensor data over radio via the REYAX RYLR896 module then upload data to our server using HTTP requests over WiFi. I got the module to send and receive using the arduino uno (hookup attached) which can send and receive with no issue. I then try and hook up the module to the rev2 with WiFi to then try and send my HTTP requests but cannot even receive data from my transmitter even though the pinout and code is the exact same. Is there an issue with using Rx and Tx and serial reads on boards with WiFi? The WiFi isnt even configured yet and yet I am still unable to receive. I thought it might be a power issue so I powered the module from the old arduino uno board that was functioning and gave the two boards a common ground but Rx and Tx went to the board with WiFi but I was still not able to receive so it doesnt appear to be a power issue. The module operates between 2.8 and 3.5 volts with current draw of around 40mA to transmit and I’ve stepped down the voltage in my hookup to deliver within that range. Is there an issue using these serial commands on arduino boards that use WiFi? I had found similar errors when using a nano versus a nano 33 IoT where the same issue occurred. Any help would be appreciated.

String mystring;
String garbage;
char data;
void setup() {

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
    garbage = Serial.readString();
    mystring = Serial.readString();
    int i = 0;
    int j = 0;
    i = mystring.indexOf("M: ");
    j = mystring.indexOf(' ', i+3);
    String mic = mystring.substring(i, j);
    i = mystring.indexOf("T: ");
    j = mystring.indexOf(' ', i+3);
    String temp = mystring.substring(i, j);
    i = mystring.indexOf("B: ");
    j = mystring.indexOf(',', i+3);
    String bob = mystring.substring(i, j);

This is the code that parses my 3 sensors data and prints to serial monitor. Attached is an example of the serial monitor output from the working arduino uno. Let me know your guys thoughts.

Despite the fact the “Uno” is in the name, the Uno and Uno Wifi rev 2 are not the same. They use a different chipset. Some code transfers fine and other does not.