RF12 Library

So I wired up a couple ardunios with RF12 radios and am attempting to use example code / library from here -

http://news.jeelabs.org/2010/07/11/rf12-communication/ (library: http://cafe.jeelabs.net/sw/library_-_rf12/)

I am getting a cant file file "Ports.h" - I have tried putting all the files in the zip file in a libraries folder in my project folder, and in the libraries folder of the arduino folder.

Seems like I am missing something simple...

From: http://cafe.jeelabs.net/sw/library_-_rf12/#index5h1


Same as source code below, but nicely packaged: http://jeefiles.equi4.com/RF12.zip Due to an unfortunate dependency, you also need to download (and include) the Ports library.

It would be nice if jeelabs linked to the Ports library, but it appears to be here: http://cafe.jeelabs.net/software/#index1h1

I downloaded the files from there, still have an error (screen shot attached)

This might seem like a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway. Did you close the Arduino IDE before installing the Ports library?

Yes :)

Is C:\Documents and Settings\kids\Desktop\RF12Demo\libraries the folder where you put the RF12 library?

Yes, Ports and RF12

I did another test - moved my project folder to the root of C, no difference.

I tried moving all the files out of Ports and in to the root of the libraries folder - no difference, so moved back.

I tried another of the demo scripts, one that is much simpler - still an error, but a little different:

Does the Ports library show up in the Sketch + Import Library list?

Found the answer - not sure if this is an Arduino requirement or something else, but:

There should be an "Arduino" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Inside that you need to create a "libraries" folder if not already present. Inside that, place the Ports and RF12 folders.