RFID access system via web interface with ESP8266

Today I want to introduct my RFID access door system with web interface.

  • Manages the Web Interface
  • Seeing real-time attachment of card
  • Historically sees the last 100 attachments
  • One click can approve already attached card
  • Manual Card Entry User uses ATM card, ISIC card, meets ISO / IEC 14443 A standard
  • Removing a card
  • Graphical representation of approaches + doorman statistics
  • See source code for NodeMCU


  • Physically attaches the NFC tag / keyring / bracelet / card
  • If user is verified, door will be opened for 5 seconds
  • When a user is not verified, doors will not open
  • User doesn't have access to web interface

System offers:

  • Verify cards and web access to the object
  • The reader reads the ISO / IEC 14443 A card, sends its MAC address to the web, where OK / NO is verified
  • ISIC cards, ATM cards, employee cards can be used
  • In the case of the OK NodeMCU reply, it activates the tab to open the door.
  • From the inside of the building it is possible to open the door with a key, electromagnetic "tongue" retracts


  • NodeMCU
  • Base kit (optional)
  • Relay
  • electromagnetic tongue controlled by relay

How tongue works:


Detailed infor about project: https://arduino.php5.sk/rfid-system.php?lang=en