RFID based smart shopping

Hello everyone,
I am new to the world of microcontrollers and I need a small help from you guys. I am thinking of making a rfid based smart shopping cart that will reduce the time of customers waiting in queues for billing. If anyone has already made this kind of project kindly mail me the code and circuit diagram at hansenlobo07@gmail.com

Yes this is something that is possible and that has been done. However it requires a special sort of RFID tag and reader. You need a UHF reader that will read many tags in the same field. These are expensive and something that you can’t make for your self.

This is the cheapest one I know of

It would also require you to have an RFID tag on every single product. Every individual package. Now those tags are cheap, for the thousands of packages that are on the shelves of a typical supermarket that adds up, and there’s the labour involved tagging them…

That’s why this is normally done using the bar codes that are printed on every single product already.