RFID module interfacing!!

I have the following setup. RFID module is connected to a usb to serial converter (link : USB To RS232 Converter- CP2102 : rhydoLABZ INDIA). The converter has pinouts Tx,Rx,PWR OUT and GND. How can I use these to connect it to Arduino Uno serial pins Tx and Rx? Photo is attached below. Please help.

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Ops picture;

Can you post a link to specs/data of the RFID unit?

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Sorry about the cross post. New at the forum. The thing is a bought this at a local electronics store and it's pretty far away. So And yeah, EM18 does not need a USB to serial converter but generally the EM18 boards have TTL pinouts. My board does not have TTL pinouts. So I have to access the tx, rx, gnd pins through the usb to serial converter.

In the image you can see the back side of the usb to serial converter.

Link to RFID module but I doubt it will be helpful.
link: RFID Reader - Serial Out, Radio-frequency identification Module, आरएफआईडी मॉड्यूल - Dilson Enterprises, Mumbai | ID: 11467108673

Thank You for your help.