RFID triggering an iTunes playlist??

Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to use an RFID tag to trigger an iTunes playlist, then it played through speakers ?


I'm not sure what would be involved in loading an iTunes playlist onto an Arduino and playing it, but I suspect it would involve some sort of shield for storage and playback of the media. Copying the media to the local storage might be something you need to do manually rather than accessing iTunes automatically. If you can figure out how to achieve that, the RFID part to trigger it seems feasible.

What might be simpler is to leave the iTunes playlist and responsibility for playing it on a host PC, and have the Arduino activate a key sequence on the host PC which triggers the iTunes playback on the PC when the RFID tag is detected. If you can figure out a key sequence to trigger iTunes playback, and don't mind having a hard-coded relationship between RFID tag and the playlist, this would potentially be a simpler solution to implement.

Thank you getting back, if not with iTunes how about Spotify ? I don't know if you have seen the Spotify box, this allows you to trigger playlists on there. I'm just unsure on how I would go about coding that? Any suggestions ?


if not with iTunes how about Spotify ?

Don't have any idea what that is. If you want your Arduino to trigger something then I suggest you need to investigate what options that something has for being triggered. If your PC is running Microsoft Windows then it's relatively easy to launch applications and send keystrokes from the Arduino. It's up to you to figure out what applications you want to launch and what keystrokes to send it, though.

Outside of Windows you would need to create your own application to do that, but this is still relatively simple to do. Still, knowing what applications and keystrokes and so on you want to invoke is really something you ought to expect to figure out for yourself and has nothing to do with Arduino.

If you search the forum you can find another project where a user used GoBetwino to control Itunes on a PC.

When it comes to iTunes music or playlists, there is a tip for you to manage iTunes music and listen to them offline. Here you just need a help from DRmare iTunes Converter for Mac. This tool can help you convert music from iTunes and keep the ID3 tags, then you can define the tags as you like within it. After then, you can save the audio files and use them with ease.