RGB LED Coffee Table Colorduino Questions

Alright so I am in the midst of building an RGB LED Coffee table and I just bought the 128 leds I will need to build it along with the wrapping wire etc... I just had a few questions as I am new to arduino.

First I am getting two Colorduinos so that I can control both of my 8x8 matrixs. My first question is do I only need the Colorduino shield or do I also need an arduino aswell to run it?

Here is what Im looking to buy


Since the shield can only control an 8x8 matrix I plan on buying two, 1 to control each matrix as my table will be 8x16. I've only seen this done using an 8x8 and 1 colorduino, so how would I combine the two to be able to communicate?

Hope my questions arent to confusing

Thank you


Here you go. http://123led.wordpress.com/colorduino/

Hmm that helped me out a bit. The only question I have now is wich board do i Get on ebay I ebayed colorduino and some have pins that others dont?

How about this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arduino-RGB-LED-Lighting-Shield-Colorduino-for-8-8mm-ATmega328p-UART-IIC-ISP-/301202059975?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46210ab2c7

Hmm thank you bought two of those hope they work for me! :)

I have had a lot of fun making 16 x 8 displays using an Arduino and two Colorduinos.
I decided to use I2C to communicate with the Colorduinos.
Nick’s I2C code is here:
There is a program to upload to each Colorduino to set their addresses. Then the main code for the Arduino.
Contact me if you need help.